The Book

I Modestly Introduce Myself

My name's Fandango. I was born a fox
And I will die a fox. But, in between,
I want to live a life the forest talks
About long after I have graced the scene.

It's not easy knowing who you truly are
Or what you're looking for, or where you'll go
Until you find something you deeply care
About and lose it. That's how I came to know

What matters to me most. I've gained and lost
A lot of things in life. And I've grown wise
With it. So, now that you and I have crossed
Paths, I'll help you open up your eyes.

No fox is an island, though we try
To be because it beats depending
On other predators for help, or spending
Your own time helping other fools get by.

No fox an island – but, here, in Maine
We can, at least, be islanders. My story,
Then, unfurls on island territory.
Acadia. An old jewel on a chain
Of stone. A place where all that was and is
Is held – or is it trapped? – together. Man
And Nature! Myth and history! Understand?
I mean, there's more here than the surfaces.

Enough of my wild ramblings. Here's a trail
Worth following, so stay right on my tail!

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